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Hunter Water Corporation
client : Hunter Water Corporation
Location : Newcastle, NSW
Love Water

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Since collaborating with Hunter Water Corporation our creative priority has been to help elevate their existing ‘Love Water’ campaign to the community. With a clear focus on community engagement, customer communication, and an interest in facilitating conversations with individuals, families and businesses throughout the local region, Hunter Water Corporation engaged KO Studio to provide creative solutions for a range of brand awareness campaigns, community activations, corporate events, and internal communications. Our relationship with Hunter Water Corporation continues. We look forward to providing ongoing strategic and creative support for the Love Water Campaign – and beyond.

Hunter Water Leak Repair Campaign
Hunter Water Corporate Brochure Design
Hunter Water Save your buckets Campaign
Hunter Water Level 2 Water Restrictions Campaign

“Kelly was an absolute pleasure to work with during my time at Hunter Water. She was the creative force behind many of our campaign designs. She’s an expert at bringing brands to life and can easily go from creating professional looking reports to vibrant and engaging advertising collateral. Not only that, but Kelly is just a great person to work with, she’s a wonderful communicator and I would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone in need of branding and graphic design.”

– Kellie De Waal, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist
Hunter Water Education in schools
Hunter Water Education in schools and mapping
Hunter Water Education in schools activities
Hunter Water Save your 4 Campaign
Hunter Water Save your 4 Campaign
Hunter Water Love Water OOH Campaign
Hunter Water Love Water Infographics