True story. 95% of our clients are from word-of-mouth referrals.

Yep, seriously. Ninety. Five. Percent.

If you’re a business owner that might seem rather bonkers. However, in my industry especially it makes perfect sense. Your brand is the most valuable asset of your business. You want to make sure that you’re investing in the right creative professional – with a proven track record.

It’s not just about sourcing a designer with that perfect portfolio on Instagram. Yes, beautiful design aesthetic is a given, but you also want a designer that can evolve your brand in the right direction and really bring your brand to life. The best creative partners are those that challenge your thinking, get you feeling inspired and energised. They will guide you through the creative process human to human, from initial briefing right through to launch.

It’s the greatest compliment to know that a previous client has enjoyed working with us SO much, that they’ve referred us to another business.

We always like to reconnect with our client partners and ask them about their experience working with KO Studio. There are a few recurring responses:

  1. They felt supported, understood and excited through the entire creative process.
  2. They found a creative partner to help them confidently launch into the market.
  3. Their brand had been brought to life – exceeding all expectation.
  4. You nailed the brief. Delivered on time and on budget.
  5. You were such a great team to work with. Highly creative, calm, friendly, flexible, hard-working and great communicators.

So, we know we’ve got the expertise, passion and energy to bring brands to life, and our approach to collaboration is nurturing, inspiring and communicative. We absolutely LOVE that our clients are cheering us on, but how can we spread the magic a little further than our existing community?

It was mid-2020 that this question popped onto my radar. Then…KAPOW! Inspiration hit me like a lightning bolt.

We need to build a shiny new website for KO Studio that captures ‘The Feeling’ of what it’s like to work with us, so that new clients feel comfortable trusting us with their brand – even without the word-of-mouth referral.

Naturally, the new website would showcase our expertise, our work and the lovely feedback from our clients. But most importantly, it will demonstrate to new visitors what it’s like to work with KO Studio, see our personality and learn how we like to collaborate.

The goal is to make every visitor feel welcome, inspired and excited to connect with us!

It was time for KO to have a crazy, fun and wild makeover. I was going to dig deep and show the world who we are – for real. #SQUEAL

To Do List

  • Mood board. Mood board. Mood board.
  • Develop branded photography concepts that packed with personality
  • Design a new website that captures the magic we create
  • Write new copy for the website that inspires and connects with brands that need to evolve
  • Bring in the big guns to further elevate our vision:
    – Source a fabulous photographer, Zoe Lonergan
    – Source a fabulous makeup stylist, Gab Williams
    – Source website developer perfectionist, The Next Addiction
  • Raid the racks of fabulous vintage boutique – I am Billie Boots
  • Start collecting props for painting
  • Hair and Nails – Booked it in
  • Get Frank to the Groomer – Paws for Thought


The entire process was exhilarating, self-indulgent, strategic, hilarious, challenging, fun and enormously rewarding, which is precisely how it should feel when building an authentic and magnetic brand.

It has been 1000% worth the investment (both time and money) for me and my business.

It’s the deep and strategic thinking that allows us to identify what makes a brand unique. It’s what we do for our clients and 2020 was the perfect time to look at our own brand and bring it back to life!

So, here’s the result. Playful, colourful, bold and just a little bit quirky. An insight into what you can expect working with KO Studio.

We build brands that are magnetic and inspire confidence in our clients through the creative process.

Welcome to KO Studio 2021.

Expect a blend of bold design, radical ideas, seamless executions and a twist of wowee!

We look forward to meeting you!

Miss KO x

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