Are you suffering from an identity crisis? We’ve all been there. Goodness, I’ve had several. I am highly impressionable and have been accused of ‘over compensating for my Australian accent’ – more than once. Place me in a room full of Brits, and it won’t be long before my I’m saying ‘Blimey’ or referencing ‘Secret Sarn-ta’, aka ‘Secret Santa’ (and NO-ONE says it like that).

When I say YOU, I’m really asking if your BUSINESS is suffering from an identity crisis?

Question… Do you know who you are? Do your customers know who you are? Does your branding reflect the personality that makes you uniquely you?

With so much noise and competition in the market, it’s hard to get noticed and connect with your customers.

Most business owners find it extremely difficult to try and visualise who they are. In most instances, it’s in their head. Business owners know who they are and what they’re trying to achieve. Unfortunately, their customers are not mind readers.

The ability to articulate the personality and characteristics of a businesses identity isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to dig deep and ask the hard questions, then lay it all out on the table. You need to understand your competitors, respect what they do, but follow your own path. You need to identify your ideal customer, and know where to find them.

As if that’s not scary enough, once you’ve established your brand identity, you need to maintain it, evolve it with the market, and keep testing it with your customers.

Sounds hard right? It’s certainly a challenge, but we’ve created a little questionnaire that will help you get started. Whether you’re a start-up business, building a brand from scratch, or an established business needing to evolve your existing brand, this tool will help to resolve your identity crisis.

Eventually, you might need to invest in the expertise of a designer or a creative studio. This tool will give your chosen expert the insight required to deliver the best visual solution for your businesses identity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work, and start digging!

Download the quiz.

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