From one business owner to another, I understand how this entrepreneurial world works. From the outside, running a business seems very ‘glamourous’. With no boss dictating your tasks for the day you’re free to set your own hours (lol), and you’re well on your way to building an Empire!

Yep, you are living the dream! The brutal truth? If you’re a business owner you need to learn how to hustle – hard.

I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult to hustle if I’m not in the zone. It takes energy, coordination, commitment and most importantly – enormous confidence to get out there and shake your groove thang’.

So, how do you find your ‘mojo’ and become a hustling hero? And by hero, I mean the kind of dancer that can form circles of raving fans cheering them on… 

Here are three tips that I use to help me hustle like Travolta every day…

Tip 1. Own it.

Let’s face it. If you want to be in the zone, you need to feel it. You need the right look. I’m talking hair, shoes, threads, swagger, the full ensemble. You need to be looking so sharp and polished that when you walk into the room, you are not only feeling it, you are owning it.

It’s at this point that the confidence drips off your shoulders, and heads in the room start to turn. In that moment you can confidently step onto the dance floor and start showing your stuff.

Spoiler alert. This is what a strong brand looks like.

When we are comfortable in our own skin and we own our look, we become magnetic. This is where the magic happens.

We find that when a business owner is in love with their brand they are SO much better at the hustle. Why? Because when you’re connected and aligned to your brand its empowering. When it fits, really fits, you start to stand courageously and speak confidently to the world – and hustle like Travolta.

So, if your brand isn’t looking sharp and isn’t comfortable to wear, your hustle might look and feel a little uncoordinated.

Tip 2. Dance to your own beat.

Consistency is everything when it comes to building a brand that connects. Once you’ve nailed your look, stick to it! Don’t follow the fads. You know who you are, and you are here for the long hall. No one else can be you, so just own it already!

The benefits of being consistent? Firstly, it will make your business life SO much easier. You’ll be able to streamline your marketing message and communications to your customers and stop wasting time reinventing the wheel! Secondly, your people / customers / followers will continue to recognise you in the very saturated marketplace – hello life-long friend! Thirdly, you’ll have your seductive elevator pitch so well-rehearsed that you’ll always get a date.

Tip 3. Studio 54

Let’s talk about brand experience. It’s SO hot right now. EVERYONE is talking about it – probably because it’s UBER important!!!

It’s not enough to have a lovely product and beautiful label anymore… the most memorable brands are the ones that create an experience like no other. As wine maker’s, brewer’s or distillers YOU have an opportunity and a responsibility to make an incredible and memorable impact on your customers.

With around 140 cellar doors and 20+ breweries/distilleries in the Hunter Valley, how are you going to get your place on the weekend wine-tasters’ itinerary?

You need to create an experience so desirable, that people are literally lining up to get in! You really need to think about every customer touch point. How can you make your cellar door shine? What kind of environment can you create for your visitors to encourage them to stay a little longer? What ambience are you creating with the lighting and furnishings? What sort of conversations will you have with them? How can you leave a lasting impression so they buy from you today, tell their friends about you, AND become a life-long member? Isn’t that the super yacht goal?!

I’m not saying you need to build a Saturday Night Fever dance floor in your cellar door and throw on your glittery flares – although I don’t think anyone is doing that yet which would certainly be memorable!! But, think about how you can create an atmosphere that people want to hang out in (and dance) with you – over and over again…

Like I said, I’m all about the hustle and I won’t apologise for all the disco analogies. That’s the look I’m going for. It feels good and I’m owning it!

If you’re feeling a little uncoordinated in your hustle, perhaps you should try on the tips above for yourself?

I looking forward to seeing your new moves… 

Miss KO.

Image credit: Felipe Mahalem

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